Monday, December 31, 2007

Impatiently waiting.

We have dreamed and drooled over the Digital SLR pretty much since we started getting into digital photography but could never afford one. Well with prices dropping and saving we can finally afford to enter the Digital SLR market.

So why the waiting? We have a bunch of Best Buy gift cards towards our purchase and they have been out of stock since Christmas. ARGH! It's pretty much driving me insane to be this close and not have it in my hands. Like taking a child to a candy store just to look.

We(mainly Rod) did a lot of research and we decided on The Nikon D40x. I'm so excited!

Isn't it pretty?

So it's New Years Eve and I'm sitting at home posting on blogger, sad I know. But my Kids sick and we aren't really party animals anyways. I was hoping to have a new camera to play with but I think I've said that already.

Rod's been reading a great deal on Strobist and learning amazing stuff. I've read some and am learning some from Rod too. It's all to do with DIY external flashes and equipment. It's really incredible. If you like photography and want to improve your work it's really worth a read. check it out here. It's geared toward dSLR's but we've been playing with the flashes with our current camera and getting amazing results.

Rod found a flash(Vivitar 285) at a pawn shop today that will work with the flash we have(from my mom's old camera) for $40. It's an oldy but a goody. We are very excited to actually try taking photo's with 2 flashes. FUN!

A New Beginning?

A corny title I know.

This is the first post on our new blog. Rod and I plan to use this blog as a place to not only share our photos but also post about ideas and techniques we are working and experimenting with.

Oh and whatever random photo related stuff we feel inclined to share.