Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

365days Self Portriat update

Day 2/365+1 double Hard edge from each direction, I knew I wouldn't like it much but I wanted to see it's effects on portraiture. the results, are I like the outof focus one the best, and the next one was good too.
Day 2

day 3
extrasoft light from one side.

day 4
you spin me.....
day 4

day 5
newcameraday!! doesn't my circa 1970s flash look lovely on that camera!
day 5

day 6
Directly from above. I was going to do an overexposed image, but I thought this looked great as it was.
day 6

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Alright, here's my 365days post

Day 1/365
Day 1/365

Well I planned to get more creative than this for day 1. But ended up not feeling well so I was glad I shot this photo in the am so I wouldn't be missing day 1!

My daughter brought her camera(fisher price kid tough) with her to wake me up this morning. Then she climbed in handed me the camera and asked me to take a pic of us together. So yeah, it's a first thing in the morning, I haven't even been out of bed, self portrait taken with a kids camera. But it's a self portrait none the less.

Day 1: Done!

365days +1

Michelle and I are trying to do a self portrait every day for a year. yes it's a leap year, so 366 photos. the group allows other people in the shot if you setup and pushed the button(even by proxy). I just had to be in the shot, and had taken/composed the shot.

here is my day one.

magic carpet

I know it looks like I was trying to grab something, but I was snapping my fingers to direct the girls. I was intending to point when the flashes went off